Dumping cell phone plan for new company to be easier under bill


March 12th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Senator who’s known far and wide for his Tweets via smartphone now says he’s introducing legislation that would free cell phone users from a long-time albatross. Senator Chuck Grassley says consumers need more freedom from restrictive cell phone contracts and this bill would provide it. “If you change your cell phone before your contract runs out, you’re guilty of violating federal law,” Grassley says. “It simply repeals that provision that has the penalty in it so that you can change your cell phone, where you want to get your service, at will.”

The legislation would “empower” people to use their cell phone carrier of choice after they’ve complied with the original contract. The bill aims to address whether cell phone buyers, who often receive new devices at a reduced cost in exchange for committing to a long-term contract, should be able to switch devices to new carriers once the primary contract is up. Grassley says portability of devices would allow for more price competition and consumer choice.

(Radio Iowa)