Walnut City Council to meet Thursday evening


January 2nd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The City Council in Walnut will hold its first meeting of the year, Thursday evening. During the 5-p.m. session, the Council will discuss a possible Streetscape enhancement project, and the possible purchase of a Fire Department “Quick Attack” unit.

In other, Walnut Fire Department-related business, the Council will consider the possible adoption of a resolution extending for two-additional years, the agreement for Fire Protection Services between the City of Walnut, Layton Township, Lincoln Township, and Monroe Township. They’ll also review the Fire And Ambulance budgets.

Speaking of budgets, the Walnut City Council, Thursday, will hold its budget discussion, which includes a review of the library budget. They’ll also receive and possibly act on a recommendation for the replacement of a Zoning Commissioner, Committee Appointments, and other administrative matters.

In addition, the Council will discuss and possibly hold the first reading of an ordinance amending the City’s Code of Ordinances, by adding a section regarding the prohibiting of Compression, or “Jake” Brakes. That may be followed by the possible waving of the second- and third-readings of the ordinance.  The Walnut City Council meeting gets underway at 5-p.m. Thursday, in their chambers at City Hall.