New Shelby County Supervisors take office Wednesday


January 2nd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Two new members of the Shelby County Board of Supervisors were sworn into office this (Wednesday) morning. Prior to the start of the Boards’ regular meeting, Charlie Parkhurst and Steve Kenkel, along with Auditor Marsha Carter and Shelby County Sheriff Mark Hervey, were officially sworn-in. Parkhurst and Kenkel were elected to the Board last November. They replace Supervisors James Burmeister and Delbert Hull.

In other business, the Shelby County Supervisors re-elected Roger Schmitz as the Board Chair, while Kenkel was nominated as vice-chair. Auditor Marsha Carter informed the board that she, along with Schmitz, recently attended the Ordinance Committee meeting to discuss the Hotel/Motel Tax. Carter said during that meeting, she volunteered to become the fiscal agent for the tax money. However, the Supervisors did not make an actual motion regarding the Hotel/Motel Tax Ordinance. They are likely to bring that to their next meeting next Tuesday.

Shelby County Treasurer Carolyn Blum was in attendance at the Supervisors meeting to give an update on their recent audit from Gronewold and Associates. Blum said following Gronewold’s audit, there were a few discrepancies and she wanted to clarify a few things. Blum said the errors stemmed from advance taxes not being subtracted from the audit.

She said after presenting all the reports, the Gronewold associate was satisfied that they were in balance. Since the audit, Gronewold and Associates sent an e-mail to County officials saying it was their error, and that the Shelby County Treasurer’s Office records were correct.

The Shelby County Supervisors meeting finished with a report from Shelby County Engineer Dan Ahart.

(Joel McCall/KNOD)