Atlantic to look into additional athletic opportunities

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January 15th, 2013 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic High School Assistant Principal and Activities Director Josh Rasmussen, Monday, reported on a survey of the district’s 7th through 11th grade students, with regard to the possible addition of sports programs, such as bowling, swimming, archery and dance. Rasmussen was responsible for conducting the survey. He says 343 students participated in, and returned the survey. Seventh graders led all students, with 99 completing and returning the survey.

Rasmussen said the survey asked students if they would participate in one of the four mentioned activities if they were offered, and whether or not those same students would drop another activity, such as volleyball or soccer, to participate in one of the other, proposed activities.

He said 59-percent of the students said they would drop their current activity in favor of swimming (which is for the girls, is typically held in Fall, and boys in the Winter), 45-percent of them said bowling (Which is a Winter sport) would be a preferable substitute to their current sport. Archery, according to Rasmussen, would be more of a club-type gathering, because unlike bowling and swimming, it’s not a sanctioned sport by the State of Iowa. However, there are free competitions such as the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines where awards are handed-out to qualifiers.

As for Dance, Rasmussen says 60-percent of the survey respondents said if offered, that would take the place of their current activity. He said many girls who are currently involved in basketball or cheerleading, would likely become involved in the sport, which would be offered in the Fall.

Rasmussen says participating in sports teaches discipline, time management skills, and how to function in a team environment. Superintendent Mike Amstein instructed Rasmussen to try and come up with a cost analysis for each sport, by contacting other schools which offer those particular activities, and report back to the board at a future meeting, for them to consider the options.