Atlantic City Council passes resolutions pertaining to tennis court, sewer & street signal projects


January 23rd, 2013 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council, Wednesday, approved the final plans and specifications for reconstruction and renovation of the Sunnyside Tennis Courts. Mike Jorgenson with Snyder and Associates Engineers in Atlantic, told the Council only one bid had been received for the project last July, which was considerably more than the engineer’s cost estimate. Jorgenson attributed the lack of bids to the timing of the project. Changes have since been made to the plan, with cost savings realized through work done by crews with the City’s Park and Recreation and Street Department. The work involved removal of the fence, light poles and the old asphalt surface, which was huge part of the process. The project was then sent out to be re-bid. The bid date was tentatively set for Feb. 19th, with the results be known the following day.

The Council passed a motion setting the date for a public hearing and bid letting for February 20th, and a resolution authorizing the receiving of bids. They also approved an agreement with Snyder and Associates for engineering services for the 2013 Sanitary Sewer Improvements. City Administrator Doug Harris said sewer lines that will be worked on include those under Cedar Street, from 2nd to 10th…Locust Street, from 2nd to 7th…Linn Street, from 2nd to 8th, and Locust Street, from 7th to 14th Street. The lines are being infiltrated with tree roots. The service includes cleaning the affected lines, conducting point repairs and doing a televised inspection. The total estimated cost for which (including 12% for engineering fees), amounts to an estimated $238,000. Bids will be requested later this Winter.

And the Council passed a resolution setting February 20th as the date for a public hearing and bid letting for the 7th Street Traffic Signal Improvement Project, which is expected to cost around $179,000. The project will be funded out of bond proceeds and some operating funds.

Todd Knox, with Snyder and Associates, said the project includes needed modifications and improvements to stop lights along 7th Street, at the intersections of Plum, Olive, Walnut, Chestnut and Poplar. By far, the most frustrating intersection for motorists, is 7th and Olive Streets. Knox said the current 3 light, 4-way configuration will be replaced with a 4-light, 4-way system. He said the 3 section heads over the left turn lanes will be replaced with a section using 4 arrows, all pointing left: 1 Red, 2 yellow arrows – the lowest of which will flash when you are able to turn left while opposing traffic is coming toward you – and one green. The current configuration is protected only by solid red and yellow signals, plus 1 green turn signal.

The timing of the signals will be adjustable locally and in-sync with each other along the affected stretch of 7th Street.