Shelby County Supervisors met Tuesday


December 19th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Shelby County Supervisors held their final meeting of 2012 Tuesday. The Board of Supervisors began their meeting with the land auction of cash rental property. The landfill ground sold for $395 per acre. Following the sale, the Shelby County Supervisors introduced Chris Nelson of Gronewold & Company to discuss the preliminary results of the county’s annual audit.

Nelson said last year, the Supervisors wanted more documentation attached to or provided with the preparation of expenditures for early childhood Iowa expenditures where the county is the fiscal agent. He said those have been approved. Nelson said there was also a mention of reconciliation of county taxes to the revenue reports of the county.

He said last Thursday, they tested past revenues and reviewed the daily reconciliations.  He said the tax receipts are reconciled on a daily and month basis. And, the Treasurer’s proportionate reports are being proportioned and those do balance. Nelson said they took the monthly summaries and compared those to the county revenue reports that are actual reports which come from the Treasurer’s office, and determined there was a small discrepancy less than $500 for the year, but he but didn’t go into further details. He recommended taking a step further to make sure everything balances out, including reconciling the account, and making sure the information is posted properly in county revenue reports.

The Shelby County Board of Supervisors will see the final audit report in February. Supervisor Roger Schmitz reported to the Board that he had recently attended the Personnel and Finance Committee meeting, along with officials from the city of Harlan. The Supervisors approved the forgiveness of a 20% administrative fee by the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce from the Hotel/Motel Tax, per legal advice. The motion was made at the Committee meeting but needed to be approved by the Supervisors and Harlan City Council.

(Joel McCall/KNOD)