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November 14th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Five Shelby County residents were elected to the County Extension Council following the Nov. 6th general election. They include: Travis Lane, of Shelby; Scott Burchett, of Harlan; Rowly Burton, of Irwin; Julie Klein, of Harlan; and Michele Monson, of Irwin. The new members will replace Lori Peters, from Portsmouth; Dwight Carroll, from Harlan; Sue Nymand, from Elk Horn; and Ron Rosmann, from Harlan.

Carryover council members whose terms expire at the end of 2014 are Laura Freund, Earling; Kay Goshorn, Harlan; Jo Kenkel, Defiance; and Jake Schechinger, Harlan. Council members elected in November will begin their terms in January and the council will meet in early January to elect officers.

The Extension Council is the county governing body for the Cooperative Extension System. Council members hire county staff, manage the county extension budget of approximately $240,000, and help determine programming, said Jo Kenkel, Shelby County extension council chairperson. The county extension office is located at 906 6th St., Harlan.