Atlantic City Council discusses west 22nd Street speed limit


November 8th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council, Wednesday, discussed a report from the Community Protection Committee, with regard to a petition it received to reduce the speed limit on west 22nd Street, from Chestnut to Palm. The petition called for the City to reduce the speed limit from 45-to 35-miles per hour along that particular stretch of road. Mayor Pro Tem Steve Livengood Chairs the CPC.

Livengood said the petitioners asked to lower the speed limit, but they didn’t give an explanation for their request. The Committee recommended to the Council, that they amend the ordinance to lower the speed limit, because it opens the door to public comment about the matter. He says the recommendation from the CPC to the Council was to lower the speed limit. During discussion, Councilman Dana Halder said he understands the likely safety concerns among residents in the newly developed area, but there are alternatives for those residents who fear getting hit backing out of their driveways.

Halder says the speed limit was established before the residents moved in to the new subdivision, and those homeowners are provided with a turn-around in the subdivision that should be used, instead of backing out. During the public forum portion of Wednesday night’s meeting, Keith Harlan, who has lived in the area for 16-years, was one of the residents who signed the petition. He said he’s noticed that since the new pavement was laid along 22nd Street, traffic is moving faster. His personal concern is with regard to getting up to speed on the hill before someone rear-ends him. However, he said he’s “Probably old enough to watch out for” oncoming traffic, and he hopes his wife and visitors to his home will be able to do the same. He says he’d hate to see someone “smacked.”

Additional public input will be taken during the next City Council meeting before action on amending the ordinance is taken.