Shelby Co Fire Danger Remains “High”


September 27th, 2012 by admin

Shelby County Emergency Manager Bob Seivert says today (Thursday), that the Fire Danger level will remain in the “HIGH” category until further notice. Seivert cites wind conditions and low relative humidity.  The Fire Danger rating in Shelby County is based on input from local fire chiefs and the Emergency Manager, and weather factors.

Controlled Burns should only be conducted with the knowledge of the local Fire Chief.  Open burning is discouraged.

Seivert says the local farmers have done an extremely good job during harvest.  He says not one combine fire was reported during the month of September.  Only one hay bailer caught fire.

The next update from Shelby County regarding fire danger is scheduled for Monday.  Seivert says he expects the Fire Danger to remain high into the month of October.