Audubon City Council to act on several resolutions, Monday evening


September 23rd, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Audubon City Council will have a full agenda in front of them when they meet Monday evening. Most of the resolutions they will act on approving, pertain to the issuance of $620,000 in General Obligation Capital Loan Notes, Series 2012-A. The resolutions include: appointing a paying agent, note registrar, and transfer agent, and approving agreements with those same persons or entities; Approval of Tax Exemption and Continuing Disclosure Certificates; and Approving and authorizing a form of loan agreement and issuance of Capital Loan Notes, and the levying of a tax to pay for the notes.

On a related note, resolutions will be acted on, that pertain to the issuance of $965,000 in G-O Refunding Capital Loan Notes, Series 2012-B. In other business, the Audubon City Council will act on a Resolution approving the Road Use Tax Report. Their meeting begins at 7-p.m. Monday, in the Audubon City Hall.