Atlantic City Council News


September 20th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council, Wednesday evening, adopted a revised Ordinance pertaining to Private Wells. The new ordinance says “No person shall install a private drinking or non-drinking water well within city limits, unless a determination has been made by the City Administrator that it is a “closed-loop system,” or that the well is located greater than 1,000-feet from where an area of contamination exists. The Iowa DNR has identified the City’s old street garage site at 211 Commerce, and sites at 1408 East 7th, and 100 West 2nd Street, as contaminated sites, under Iowa law.

The Council also set 5:30-p.m. October 3rd, in the Council’s Chambers at City Hall, as the time, date and place for a public hearing on the disposal of certain real estate at 400 Hickory Street. City Street Department Superintendent Derald Andersen provided the Council with an update on departmental activities and progress during the meeting.

Andersen said the street crews are still doing some asphalt patching, and will try to seal coat some of the roads next week. He says some of the roads haven’t been seal coated in nearly 10-years. City Administrator Doug Harris and Andersen agreed, that over one-third of the 55-miles worth of roads in the City have been repaired over the past 10-years or so, and the work continues, as part of the City’s Capital Improvements Plan. Andersen said also, it’s about that time of year to prepare the City’s Christmas lights for display.

He says crews will begin the process of preparing for the Grand Lighting ceremony that takes place in December, on October 1st. Three men in bucket trucks will spend 27 days decorating the trees on Chestnut Street, weather permitting. That includes all the garlands and other decorations. In other news from the Council meeting, Atlantic Mayor Dave Jones set Wednesday, October 31st from 5:30-to 7:30-p.m., as the date and times for Halloween Trick or Treating in Atlantic.