Atlantic City Council approves School Bus Loading zone/votes down tobacco free policy


September 6th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council unanimously approved a new School Bus Loading Zone ordinance, which takes effect immediately. Their action means parking is prohibited on the east side of Linn Street, from 8th Street north 100-feet, from 7:45-a.m. to 3:15-p.m., for the purpose of loading buses when school is in session. The affected area is by the Ann Wickman Center in Atlantic. Atlantic Police Chief Steve Green and School Bus Superintendent Dave Eckles had requested the change for the safety of the children.

In other business, the Council Wednesday voted 6-to-1 against an expanded tobacco free policy,  that would have prohibited city employees from using tobacco during company paid time while on the job site, building, or contiguous city owned grounds. The policy also prohibited smoking in an employees’ own vehicle parked on city property. Councilman Shawn Shouse cast the only yes vote. A Tobacco Free Policy for City Hall was originally enacted in February of 2007. The expanded version would have also included a tobacco cessation program for City employees.