Harlan may be featured in a nationally syndicated TV show


August 8th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Harlan City Council held their first meeting of the month Tuesday afternoon, in the Council Chambers. During the meeting, City Administrator Terry Cox reported to the board, that the “Today in America” TV show hosted by Terry Bradshaw, is interested in highlighting the City of Harlan during a segment called “Best Place to Raise a Family”. Cox said there’s been good discussion between the producers of the show and himself. He said he expects a phone call next Tuesday, August 14th, to further discuss the segment.

Cox said the city of Harlan would have to pay $19,000 for the 5 minute video to play 20 times. Mayor Gene Gettys said in the last ten days, conversations have “moved very quickly” and that Harlan “clearly fits the mold” of a place to raise a family.

In other business, the Harlan City Council approved the extension of the downtown upper story/façade grant program to include an extension of one-block off the square perimeter and to allow the merchants to apply for both the upper story and façade grants. The matter was discussed last week during a Personnel and Finance meeting. The Committee opted to bring the subject to the Council for a decision.

Also during the Committee meeting, City Administrator Terry Cox requested a motion to extend the $1,000 purchase price of the lots located in the G.H. Christiansen subdivision to expire on June 30th, 2013. The Harlan City Council on Tuesday approved the extension.

Mayor Gettys read an Ordinance was to add no parking signs on the north side of Victoria Street from the west side of the driveway at 1632 Victoria Street west to 19th Street, in Harlan. The council finalized the ordinance. A second ordinance pertained to an amendment to the usage charge in chapter 99, with regard to water usage.

The addition states monthly user charges will be based on water usage for the previous month. Also to be in effect, an annual operational maintenance rate increase of 3% each year thereafter, both changes to be effective January 1st, 2013. It was only the 1st reading only of the ordinance, and has not been finalized.