Accident in Stanton causes $3,500 damage Thursday, but no injuries


August 17th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

An obstructed view was listed as the cause of an accident Thursday afternoon near the Stanton Community School Building. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says the accident happened as a pickup truck driven by 48-year old Ronald Meier, Jr., of Villisca, and car driven by 44-year old Brenda Lynn Dickerson, of Emerson, were parked on the southeast corner of the school building at the intersection of Halland Avenue/Elliott Street in Stanton, while Meier Jr. & Dickerson were waiting to pick up children.

Officials say when Meier, Jr. backed up to leave, he didn’t see Dickerson’s 2006 Lincoln, because of the height difference in the vehicles. The pickup hit the car in the right front side. The Lincoln sustained $3,000 damage, while damage to the pickup was estimated at $500. There were no injuries, and no citations issued.

(used during 5-p.m. News, Thursday)