Storms blow through western IA: Cause damage, but no injuries

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July 26th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Storms that blew through parts of western and north central Iowa Wednesday night brought lots of wind, and widely scattered precipitation, with some areas receiving more than one-inch of rain, while others were left deprived…again. The National Weather Service says Carroll County bore the brunt of the wind damage at the onset, with winds gusting anywhere from 61-to as much as 75-miles per hour, between 7:30 and 8-p.m. The winds caused power lines to snap in Carroll and Lanesboro, brought down tree limbs, one of which fell on a porch and house in Carroll, causing damage, but no injuries.

Just north of Arcadia, the Weather Service says thunderstorm winds felled 3-foot diameter trees, and a 30-foot long camper attached to a truck was blown over. Several crops were damaged, as well. Winds gusted to near 60-miles per hour near Earlham, at around 8:30-p.m., Wednesday, according to law enforcement.

And, strong winds passing through Atlantic may have caused a tree limb to come into contact with a power line, causing a brief, small fire, in the 1400 block of Roosevelt Drive, at around 7:47-p.m. In addition, law enforcement reported a sign was down across the road along Highway 71, near Interstate 80. The sign has since been removed.

Trees were blown down in Clarinda, and there were scattered reports of power outages in Page, Adams and Montgomery Counties. Mid American Energy said 28 of its customers in Adams County, and seven customers in Montgomery County, were without power as of 5-a.m., but by 7-a.m., power had been restored to those same customers.

Some unofficial, reported rainfall amounts include: 1.28″ south of Malvern; 1.2″ in Shenandoah; 1.03″ in Clarinda; .92″ in Sidney; ;85 in Emerson; .8″ in Red Oak; .75″ in Villisca; .4″ in Carroll; .3″ in Massena, and .25″ in Lyman.  Atlantic remained dry during the passage of the storms. The last time we received more than one-inch of rain here in Atlantic, was over a month ago (June 23rd), when 1.23-inches made its way into the gauge outside the KJAN studios.