More Burn Bans in KJAN Listening Area


July 18th, 2012 by admin

(Updated to add Pottawattamie County)

Burn bans will be issued for four southwest Iowa counties.  Officials in Audubon, Mills, Page and Pottawattamie Cunties will have burn bans go into effect.

In Audubon County, the burn ban will go into effect on Thursday at noon.  In Mills and Pott Counties, the burn ban goes into effect today at noon.  In Page County, the burn ban goes into effect Thursday at 8 AM.

A burn ban already went effect this morning at 8:00 in Montgomery County.  Altogether, 37 counties in Iowa have announced burn bans.

A burn ban means no open burning will be allowed. Permits for burning may be requested from area fire departments, but approval is up to the local fire chief.  Recent hot and dry weather has made conditions favorable for wildfires that can cause heavy damage.