Company involved in bad check case had “F” rating


July 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The company that wrote thousands of bad checks to buy gold and other valuables at antique shows on the Iowa border and nationwide has had an “F” rating for years with the Better Business Bureau. Treasure Hunters Roadshow held a four-day event in Nebraska City, Nebraska, earlier this month, drawing flocks of people from both sides of the Missouri River who sold heirlooms — and got rubber checks in return. Jim Hegarty, president and CEO of the region’s Better Business Bureau, says this Roadshow company is bad news. “Unfortunately, they’ve been all over the United States and we’ve received complaints from everywhere about this company,” Hegerty says. In three years, the bureau has recorded more than 200 complaints about the company, all focusing on insufficient funds. Hegarty says the Roadshow had been cooperating with the bureau, until recently.

“There was a while where the company was actually responding to BBB disputes by claiming that replacement checks were being issued,” he says, “but as of last week, the company has ceased responding to these complaints, which is not good news.” The Treasure Hunters Roadshow, owned by THR and Associates of Springfield, Illinois, was in Nebraska City from July 3rd through the 7th, buying jewlery and coins and writing checks to customers. Reports show the company cut 94 checks totaling more than $37,000 at the event south of Omaha. Many of the checks bounced. Amounts ranged from just a few bucks to $19,000. If you’re going to take part in this sort of on-the-spot sales event, he says you’d be wise to do a little research first.

“It is really important if you’re considering selling gold or silver or valuables of any kind — or doing business with any company for any reason — to take time and check them out with the BBB before doing so.” To file a complaint in this case, contact the Nebraska office of the Better Business Bureau or the Otoe County Attorney’s office. Hegarty’s office serves Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa and has more than 65-hundred member companies in the region. Learn more at the website:

(Radio Iowa)