Cass County Supervisors approve “Other Supplement Pay” for 1st Deputy


July 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Board of Supervisors today (Tuesday) approved an “Other Supplemental Pay” allowance for Chief Deputy Sheriff John Westering for Fiscal year 2013, in the amount of $5,000. The pay includes Social Security and IPERS benefits. Board Chair Duane McFadden explained that during the Fiscal Year 2013 Budgeting process, the position of Jail Administrator was considered. Sheriff Darby McLaren was consulted, and it was determined it would be most practical if the 1st Deputy Sheriff – Westering – agreed, and was willing to expend additional hours necessary to perform those duties. A motion to approve the supplemental pay passed unanimously, with Supervisor Gaylord Schelling, absent. The actual amount of pay, minus Social Security and IPERS, amounts to just over $4,253. 

In other business, the Board heard from Cass County 9-1-1 Director Rob Koppert, who mentioned a slight problem with the County’s 175-kilowatt Emergency Generator located on the courthouse grounds. He said they had an issue last week where it “alarmed out” at around 1-a.m. Friday, showing a “Low Voltage” on batteries. Koppert said they called Caterpiller Service, who came out and confirmed there was a problem with a battery charger on the system, which maintains the battery voltage. A replacement charger was ordered, and a temporary charger installed to speed up the generator. 

The temporary part is functioning as it should, and, since the generator was purchased in November 2010 and installed in the Spring of 2011, the replacement part and service call to install it, is covered under warranty. Rob Koppert said also, a new dispatcher has been hired for the Cass County Communications Center. Sherri Hansen, of Atlantic, started her job last Thursday. Hansen will undergo numerous hours of training, including Emergency Medical Dispatch Training in Council Bluffs, and other required courses.