CCMH Staff prepare for move to new addition


June 11th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Employees and staff at the Cass County Memorial Hospital in Atlantic are preparing for the first stage of their move to the newly completed addition. Officials say on Friday, June 15th, the Emergency Department (ED), Same Day Surgery Department, and Surgery Department will all relocate into their new quarters on the first floor of the addition.  The Inpatient Services located on the second floor are scheduled to move on Friday, June 29th. CCMH Administrator Pat Markham says they will be operating out of their old Emergency Department until the new area is fully operational.

Markham says when personnel are ready to move into the new Emergency Department, announcements will be made on the radio, the hospital’s website and on signs near the Emergency Department entrance. She says since the two entrances (old and new) are very close together, there shouldn’t be a whole lot of confusion on where to go. Patients coming to the new Emergency Department will still use the south ambulance drive.  The new ED Garage doors will open automatically when a vehicle approaches, and patients can enter from a door inside the garage.  Patients may also park outside the ED and enter on foot through the new ED entrance, which is to the right of the temporary ED entrance that has been in use for the past year.

Beginning Monday, June 18th, all scheduled surgery patients will register in the new ED Admissions, just inside the ED entrance, and utilize the new Same Day Surgery Department and operating rooms.  Markham says The procedure won’t really be different,”  than what’s been done in the past. She says they will simply be using the new facilities and equipment. Any patients or visitors who are unsure about how to access any hospital services during this transition are encouraged to call ahead for clarification, or ask any hospital staff member for assistance.