Attempted Break-in at Montgomery County Emergency Mgmt Office


June 20th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Authorities in Red Oak are investigating an attempted break-in at the Montgomery County Emergency Management Office. Emergency Management Coordinator Brian Hamman told KJAN News the incident happened at his new office located in the basement of the County Highland Annex Building in Red Oak, sometime between 5-p.m. Monday and 8-a.m. Tuesday. Hamman said the Red Oak Police Chief told him it looks like a large crow bar may have been used. The person or persons responsible were nearly able to break through two panes of glass, and they were determined to try and gain entry, as there were shards of glass both inside and outside the office.

He says it’s the first time he’s aware of someone has tried to break into the EMA Office. Hamman wouldn’t comment on what it is they were after, but there are various pieces of electronic equipment typically used for communications and data, that were of value.  He says it’s ridiculous that things like this happen. Hamman says “It’s frustrating that people can’t mind their own business, and leave other peoples’ things alone.” He said on top of the attempted break-in at his office, someone hacked into the I-Tunes account on his cell phone. An investigation into the break-in, continues.