Atlantic Summer Rec Programs are a hit

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June 18th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The City of Atlantic’s Park and Rec Department Summer programs appear to be a big success. Parks and Rec Director Roger Herring said at Monday night’s Parks & Rec Board meeting, there are 25 kids involved in the Playground program, 130 signed-up for the tennis program, 60 in swimming, and 270 in Little League. He said all the kids are getting their lunch, the busing program is working well, and the playground crew had done a great job with keeping kids busy with various activities. The response he says from kids and their parents so far, has been very positive.

The Parks and Rec Board were so impressed with the way Herring has performed in his position since taking over last year, they voted unanimously to grant him a pay increase. Board Chair Stuart Dusenberry said he’s heard nothing but positive comments about Herring and his accomplishments.  Board member Jolene Smith says she thinks Herring “Does the work of 10 men,” and there’s things getting done “that have never gotten done before.”

Herring says despite hitting some potholes to progress along the way toward completion of various projects, such as dealing with the proposed Park Maintenance Building and the related hoops one must jump through to make that happen, he’s enjoyed the job immensely. Chris Jimerson, City Council representative on the Parks and Rec Board, says Herring’s “People Skills” are what sets him apart from some of the past persons who have held the position of Parks and Rec Director, especially when it comes to the City’s Little League Program, and dealing with those involved in helping to make it a success.