Atlantic City Council adopts speed limit and deer hunting ordinances


June 7th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council Wednesday adopted on the third and final readings, ordinances pertaining to a reduction of the speed limit on East 22nd Street from Highway 71 to Olive Street, and, Urban Deer Control. Approval of the speed limit ordinance means the speed limit on the affected portion of East 22nd Street will be reduced from 45-to 35-miles per hour, and comes after discussions between the Community Protection Committee, Police Chief Steve Green, and residents in the area. 

Atlantic Mayor Dave Jones warned citizens that speeding is still a problem on other portions of 22nd Street, and the Police Department will be stepping-up patrols and issuing tickets for those who try to skirt the law. Jones saod the speed limit on 22nd Street between Chestnut and Olive is 25-miles per hour, and he’s received calls about problems with persons traveling in excess of the posted speed limit, especially certain persons on motorcycles. 

The Deer Control Ordinance will allow for bow hunting of antlerless deer within the City limits of Atlantic, but there are certain restrictions and conditions associated with the ordinance, which is designed to reduce the deer population officials say poses a threat to property and public safety.