Iowa DOT captures story of historic 2011 Missouri River flood

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May 31st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Transportation today (Thursday) announced the release of a Storify project, chronicling the 2011 Missouri River flooding and its impacts on Iowa’s transportation system. Photos, video and news articles are featured, along with a narrative detailing the events that unfolded as the flood waters inundated western Iowa.

Just one of the images from the historic Mo. River flood of 2011

Go to to view the story, and take the six-month journey to recount the flood fight, extensive damage and how quickly Iowa was able to rebuild.  

The flooding in Iowa covered a distance of 150 miles from Sioux City to Hamburg. In its path roadways were turned to rubble or covered with a thick layer of sludge. Vegetation was stripped from the landscape. Closure of miles of Interstate 29, coupled with the closing of the Missouri River bridges near Decatur, Nebraska City and Omaha, Neb., left motorists searching for detours that took them miles out of their way.

If you would like to recount your personal experience with the 2011 flood, visit the Iowa DOT’s Facebook site and post a comment or upload your photos or video: