Atlantic “Fly Iowa” Committee announces theme and logo


May 11th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

“Fly Iowa” Chairman Garry Pellet Friday, announced the theme for the September 15th Atlantic “Fly Iowa” air show event,  to be “Homecoming & Heritage.”

"Homecoming & Heritage" Fly Iowa logo for Atlantic event

In a Press Release, Pellet said “We have a strong history of individuals in aviation in the greater Atlantic area. Our mission with this air show is to recognize those people and anyone who has touched aviation in some way during their life, and along the way, we plan to present some pretty phenomenal family entertainment.”

A subcommittee of the Fly Iowa event continues to work on collecting contact information for area pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, instructors, airport managers, military and others who have touched aviation and have roots in southwest Iowa.

Pellet said “We have a fantastic facility right here in Atlantic, and many have gotten their start locally,” Pellet said. “We also have several local businesses who utilize the Atlantic Airport on a regular basis.” According to the Atlantic Municipal Airport operator and Airworks owner Barry Reid more than 50 commercial planes utilize the facilities and more than 200 local pilots.

Pellet said not everyone visits the airport regularly, so the Atlantic Fly Iowa event will provide the opportunity to see some local planes as well as unique displays including a hot air balloon, aerobatic demonstration, World War II aircrafts, skydivers and more. He said “We are very excited about this first-time ever event for the Atlantic area, which we expect will bring in thousands of people.” Pellet added that the committee is planning a memorable presentation which will appeal to all age levels and be accessible to all because the sponsors have made it possible for free admission.

The Fly Iowa air shows are located in one Iowa community each year and sponsored in part by the Iowa Aviation promotion Group. Atlantic, Iowa is the 2012 host and co-sponsor. For more information contact Fly Iowa Chair Garry Pellet 712.250.0128 or Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Megan Roberts at 712-243-3017.