Mid-American agrees to reimburse Cass County for road damage


April 18th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Cass County Attorney Dan Feistner and County Engineer Charles Marker reported to the Board of Supervisors during their meeting Wednesday morning in Atlantic, that Mid-American Energy has agreed to reimburse the County for damage caused to rural roads by trucks hauling wind turbine components. Marker says the County had been working to recoup losses for work on repairing the roads for several months. He said the company is willing to reimburse the County $253, 467, provided the County sign a release of liability.

The Supervisors approved Board Chair Duane McFadden signing the release for return to Mid-American. Once the energy company receives the document, they will transmit immediate payment to the Counties’ account. Marker says the company always intended to pay, but their legal division wanted the proper paperwork filed.

The damaged roads are located in the southeast part of the County near Massena, in what’s known as the “Rolling Hills Wind Energy Project.” Marker says he will need to amend his budget once the payment is received, to show additional revenue in the current budget year.