Jimerson uses social media to poll Atlantic residents


March 1st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic City Councilman Chris Jimerson is using the power of social media to poll residents of the community about a proposed speed reduction ordinance on 22nd Street. Jimerson posted a Facebook question asking for residents’ opinion on whether the speed limit on two different sections of 22nd Street should be reduced from 45-to 35-miles per hour. If the ordinance is approved, the speed limit would be reduced on East 22nd, from Highway 71 to Olive Street, and on West 22nd, from Chestnut to Highway 6.

As of 6:30-p.m. Thursday, 87 people said they were opposed to reducing the speed limit, 18 were in favor of it. Jimerson, who was elected to the Council last Fall, is the first known local government official to post such a poll on a social media website.