Cass County Supervisors approve amended budget and compensation board recommendations


March 15th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Board of Supervisors this week approved a proposed amendment to the Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Cass County Budget. The appropriation adjustments (or, changes in spending authority) for Fiscal Year 2012 included – General Basic Fund: increase Local Health by $62,340 (for flow thru of revenues for grants, etc); Increase Non-departmental by $44,150 (for Public Safety Communications); Decrease Local Option Sales Tax capital projects function by $199,372 and increase LOST debt service function by $199,372; Increase General Basic non-departmental by $520,000 (for return of appropriation borrowed for URA Amaizing Energy capital projects expenditures 8/31/11); and, increase URA Amaizing Energy Debt Service Fund by $520,000.

The Supervisors also unanimously approved Cass County Compensation Board recommendations for a 2.5-percent across the board compensation increase for all elected officials. They voted 3-to 2 in favor of the compensation boards’ recommendation the Board of Supervisor members also receive a 2.5% salary increase, with Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors receive $1,000 above the normal compensation. Frank Waters, Chuck Rieken and Duane McFadden voted in favor of the recommendation, Gaylord Schelling and Mark Wedemeyer voted against it.

Approval of the Compensation Boards’ recommendations means for FY 2013: The Cass County Attorney’s annual salary will be $87,468 (an increase of $2,133 over FY 2012); Auditor, Recorder and Treasurers annual salaries will be $50,198 (an increase of $1,224); Sheriff, $62,683 (an increase of $1,529); and, each Supervisor will be paid $26,202 (an increase of $639), with $1,000 additional for the Board Chair.

The Board Wednesday morning approved adoption of the proposed FY2013 Cass County budget, and the Secondary Roads/Iowa Department of Transportation expense budget for FY 2013. And, they unanimously approved the use of County Road N-28 as an official detour route (beginning at Iowa Highway 83, south for 10-miles to Iowa Highway 92), while work is being done on Iowa Highway 148 from Anita south, to Highway 92.