Guilty Plea entered in Lenox Tornado repair scam


February 29th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Lenox Police Chief Jon Huggins reports a Lenox man, Joseph Adam Whitehead, pled guilty Tuesday in Taylor County District Court, to a charge of 2nd degree theft, in connection with an investigation into complaints he was paid but failed to perform work on, structures damaged during the May 11, 2011 tornado in Lenox. Whitehead was sentenced serve a term not to exceed 5 years confinement in the custody of the Iowa Department of Corrections.

In addition he’s required to pay restitution to the victims, fines, court and other costs related to the investigation, amounting to more than $15,470.  Whitehead must also provide a DNA sample to the Department of Corrections, and is prohibitted from owning firearms or ammunition for the rest of his life.