Griswold School Board approves new softball & football field lights


February 21st, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The future’s looking bright for athletes who will be taking to the softball and football fields in Griswold.  Griswold Community School District Superintendent Dana Kunze told KJAN News the School Board Monday evening agreed to purchase new lighting for both fields. Kunze said it’s hoped both projects can be completed this summer. 

The Board approved a bid from Ardent Lighting out of Knoxville, for approximately $128,000 altogether. He says there’s no guarantee the lights will be up by the start of the softball season, but the football field lights should definitely be up before that season begins. Lights are currently in-place at both fields, but Kunze says they’re well over 40-years old. He says replacement bulbs are hard to find, the new bulbs are more efficient, and much brighter. He says safety issues with the current lights not being bright enough, also contributed to the board’s decision to replace those fixtures.

Kunze says also, bonding for the district roofing project is going smoothly, and progress is being made in realigning the Director Districts. The realignment means there will be four geographic districts and three At-Large. There will be a Resolution in front of the school board next month to accomplish the realignment.