Atlantic City Council to hold public hearings on street projects


February 14th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

The City Council in Atlantic will hold a series of public hearings Wednesday evening on several street projects. City Administrator Doug Harris says the hearings, while not required under Iowa Code, should be held so that the public can provide input on the projects before bids are accepted. Following each of the hearings on the various Hot Melt Asphalt (HMA) and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) projects, the Council will consider and likely act upon resolutions approving the plans, specifications, and form of contracts, along with the awarding of contracts to the successful bidders. The bids will be opened on those projects a few hours prior to 5:30-p.m. start of the Council’s meeting. The total estimated cost of the projects, according to Harris, is a little more than $3.5-million.

In other business, the Council will act on passing a resolution honoring Atlantic Street Department Superintendent George Evans, who is retiring after 39-years of service to the City. That will be followed by Evans’ final report to the Council on the status and activities at the Wastewater Department.

The Atlantic City Council will also act on a resolution establishing a credit card policy for the City. The State Auditor has recommended the Council adopt a credit card policy, which would pertain to online purchases made by the Police Department and City Clerk’s Office. The Council will also approve a simple amendment to the wording and form of a proposed ordinance changing the speed limit on West 22nd Street (from Highway 71 to Olive Street), and on East 22nd Street (from Chestnut to Highway 6). The ordinance calls for the speed limit on those two stretches on 22nd to be reduced from 45- to 35-miles per hour.  At least one citizen has voiced their opposition to the speed limit change. The objection will be noted during the meeting.

And, the Council will act on a motion to hold a Special Meeting at 5:30-p.m. Feb. 22nd, for the purpose of adopting the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget, and fixing the date for a public hearing on the budget, on March 7th, 2012. Wednesday’s meeting begins at 5:30-p.m. in the Council’s Chambers, at City Hall.