Nodaway Valley School District officials remain mum on wrestler disciplinary action


January 10th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Administrators at the Nodaway Valley Community School District in Greenfield are remaining mum on what disciplinary action has been, or will be taken, following an alleged hazing incident involving the school’s wrestling team. The School Board heard from parents who are furious over sexual abuse by members of the wrestling team against an 16-year old wrestler. 

The school’s athletic director, David Huff, sent a letter home to parents last Friday saying the school is aware of a hazing incident on the wrestling team and that the school conducted its own investigation. According to KCCI-TV in Des Moines, many of the parents who attended Monday’s night’s school board meeting called for administrators to not only fire the coaching staff but the suspend the rest of the wrestling season, but the board isn’t talking about what actions are being taken. 

One of the parents who attended the meeting Monday, said her son is a member of the wrestling squad. Dora Pudenz said her son had been threatened at least once by his teammates. In one instance, she says the wrestling coach allegedly stood by and authorized the wrestling captains to decide for themselves what they wanted for the punishment, while the coaches walked out of the room. 

Greenfield Police Chief Austin O’Brien isn’t talking about the situation, either. He reportedly kicked KCCI’s reporters off his property Sunday.