Latham says he’s the “clear choice” in the 3rd district race against Boswell


January 13th, 2012 by Ric Hanson

Republican Congressman Tom Latham says he’s the “Clear choice” to represent the 3rd District in southern and southwest Iowa this November, against incumbent Democrat Representative Leonard Boswell. Latham told KJAN News it’ll “probably the clearest choice anybody’s had in a Congressional race, because of Boswell’s vote to approve bills which influenced the country’s debt crisis. He says Boswell supported the Wall Street bailout, stimulus spending,  Cap and Trade, the Presidents health care bill (commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” and Dodd-Frank, which Latham says will have an impact on local, small banks in rural communities, in a very negative way. Latham says he opposed all of those bills.

Latham says the government needs to cut spending. The Obama administration’s stimulus bill, he says, cost the country $1-trillion, and failed to deliver on benefitting the economy as promised. Latham says Boswell has sided with Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and continues “In lock-step” with the administration in making poor decisions on how to get the economy moving. Latham says he’s attended over 550 town hall meetings, listening to Iowans, and working on ways to prevent Washington “from dumping on us, here,” as far as coming up with regulations that hurt the local economy and impede business growth.

And, while advertising during the caucuses in Iowa were negative, and often featured personal attacks by the candidates, Latham says he won’t go down that path, unless he’s attacked. Latham says he has always “Run for an office, rather than against somebody.” He says he’s tried to tell Iowans why he wants to serve them and represent them in Washington, and talk about issues. He says during the last campaign, Boswell did not run one positive ad. Latham says “The idea of politics of personal destruction is ridiculous, because it doesn’t do anybody any good, and doesn’t let people know who you are, and what you stand for.” He says his ads will be issued-based, but he will reserve the option to respond appropriately, if he’s attacked on a personal level.