Griswold School Board approves contract to manage roofing project


December 20th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Members of the Griswold Board of Education Monday, voted to enter into an agreement with Estes Construction to manage a roofing project slated for the High School/Middle School Building. Superintendent Dana Kunze said the board had been exploring fixing the roof for “some time,” and it’s at the top of their priority list to get it taken care of before they take on other projects. Kunze said an early estimate puts the cost of the project at $1.2-million dollars. He says it will be funded by bonding against their penny sales tax. A Revenue Purposing Statement allows the District to go after the bonds now, and into the future. 

Kunze said also, the Griswold School Board discussed the transferring of a deed to about 5 acres of school property on the north edge of Elliott, to the City of Elliott, for a wetland project. The marshy land is an ideal, natural means of filtering nitrates out of the City’s drinking water. Action on approving the deed transfer is expected to take place during the Board’s meeting in January. The land has been owned by the School District for more than 100-years. 

In other business, the Griswold School Board, Monday, agreed to have Red Oak Awning and Glass handle the replacement of glass at the district’s buildings in Elliott and in Lewis. One of the projects is another entranceway to the Elliott building on the northeast side, and the finishing of what’s called the “Storefront” on the Lewis building, with new replacement glass. The new glass will solve some problems with water leaking into the buildings, and is energy efficient.