Atlantic City Council to consider AMU budget & hold public hearing on sale of land


December 6th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Atlantic City Council is set to consider a resolution during their meeting Wednesday evening, to approve the 2012 Budget for Atlantic Municipal Utilities. The proposed budget for the Electric and Water Departments for Calendar Year 2012 totals nearly $10.8-million, which is an increase of nearly $665,000 or 6.6% over the current year re-estimate.

The increased cost is being offset with increases in AMU’s electric rates of 10-14% that went into effect last month. City Administrator Doug Harris says AMU’s proposed budget calls for a $360,000 transfer to the City, in lieu of paying property taxes…something Harris says is a common practice, as a private utility would pay property taxes, and be subject to a franchise fee of up to 5%. AMU’s contribution amounts to about 3.3% of their revenues, which is designed to offset AMU’s utility charges to the City. 

In other business, the City Council in Atlantic will act on a motion to direct staff to advertise the sale of nearly 13-acres of City-owned land adjacent to the old Delong Building, by means of a public auction. The Council Finance Committee is recommending a public hearing be held and consideration be given to selling the two parcels, which total 12.93-acres. The City has advertised for bids on the agricultural lease of the two parcels, and may act Wednesday on awarding the three-year agricultural lease, during their meeting. 

And, the Council will act on a Resolution amending City policy, for the expenditure of public funds for observances which include events such as the Christmas Party for City Employees. Monies for the event have come, in the past, from pop machine profits and donations. Under State Code, those types of expenditures should be included in the City’s policy that authorizes those types of observances. Harris will recommend to the Council expenditures be allowed for the Christmas Party, with a limit not to exceed $400.

The City Council meeting begins at 5:30-p.m. Wednesday, December 7th.