Non-profit agencies in Audubon County receive $28,700 in grants


November 21st, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Chair of the Audubon County Community Foundation (ACCF) announced today (Monday), that $28,700 in grants were awarded Friday to seven non-profit groups or organizations in the County. Brett Irlmeier said including the latest grant cycle, $762, 746 has been distributed to non-profit organizations and entities within the county, over the past 11years. All grantees met the criteria as Audubon County nonprofit agencies or organizations, and only those groups in Audubon County were eligible for the grants.

Included among them, was:

  • The Audubon Chamber of Commerce, which received $1,000 for lighting, to accent the architectural design of downtown structures.
  • The Audubon County Hospital Foundation, which received a $3,000 grant to purchase equipment for expanded patient care services.
  • The Audubon Stage Committee received a $4,400 grant to build a stage for use by numerous community groups, activities and festivals.
  • A $5,000 grant was awarded to the Exira Public Library, for new furnishings to compliment the expansion and remodeling project.
  • New Opportunties, Inc./Audubon County Mentoring Program received a $4,800 grant for the purchase of new skates for the Agri-Hall.
  • Nishna Valley Trails received a $5,500 grant to erect a sign on the Audubon trail head.
  • And, the Little Mermaid Trail Committee received a $5,000 grant for development of Phase 1 Trail Construction.

The total includes: $2,000 from the Leon and Iva Milliman Endowed Fund, which went to the Exira Public Library; $1,000 from the Charles T. and Kathleen Manatt Endowed Fund for the Audubon Chamber and Stage Committee grants; $500 from the Audubon State Bank/Stephen Garst Endowed Fund, $1,000 from the Audubon Masonic Association Endowed Fund, $470 from the Merle and Norman Petersen Endowed Fund, and $470 from the Fred and Evelyn Nissen Endowed Fund, for the the Audubon Stage Committee grant.

All Audubon County agency representatives received their grant checks on November 18th. For more information about donating or establishing an individual foundation/fund, contact any ACCF board member , or Dennis Nissen, Iowa Program Officer, at 1-800-794-3458.