Villisca School Board intends to whole grade share with Stanton & Corning


October 14th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Villisca Community School District’s Board of Education has put the State of Iowa on notice, that district officials intends to explore Whole Grade Sharing with the Stanton and Corning Community School Districts. The announcement, made during the board’s regular meeting Thursday evening, is required by State Code. Boards of Education are required to approve letters of intent to explore sharing with other districts, by no later than October 31st. The State requires school districts considering wholegrade sharing to make a final decision on the matter, by February 1st.

Additional public meetings will be held with regard to Whole Grade Sharing, a joint meeting with the Stanton School Board at 7-p.m, Monday, in the Stanton High School gym, and with the Corning School Board at 7-p.m. Tuesday, in the Villisca High School gym.

Other, public input meetings will be held in Villisca on October 24th and November 17th. Both meetings will take place in the Villisca High School gym, beginning at 7-p.m.