DNR says number of electronics recyclers has increased


October 17th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says there are now over 150 locations where you can take old computers, cell phones and other electronics for recycling. D-N-R spokesperson, Susan Johnson, says the number of people willing to take electronics for recycling increased after a change in regulation. She says they changed the process in July from requiring a permit, to just requiring those businesses that recycle cathode ray tubes and other electronics to register. Johnson says that made the collection easier without compromising the protection of the environment.

Johnson says the electronic gadgets have become common place in almost every home and business. She says there seems to be more electronics produced each day as the faster and more convenient devices replace the old ones. She says it’s important to recycle the old devices properly to keep from polluting.

There are a variety of toxic materials that can be found in electronic devices that can pollute the soil and groundwater if they are not properly disposed of. Johnson says the change has appeared to have increased the recycling effort. Johnson says they don’t have an exact number on the recycling effort, but she says from the collection events she’s seen, it seems like people have had old computers and things stored in their basement and are now recycling them.

Johnson encourages you to find a recycle for your old electronics. She says you can do to the Iowa D-N-R website under the solid waste page and look under electronic recycling. Or you can call her 515-281-7892, and she will e-mail you the list. The D-N-R’s website also has an application for those who want to register to recycle electronics. The address is: www.iowadnr.gov.

(Radio Iowa)