Scammers try to take advantage of firefighter’s death


September 22nd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Authorities in Shelby County are warning about a scam being perpetrated on area residents following the death of a local firefighter. Officials with the Shelby Fire and Rescue Department have learned residents are receiving phone calls asking for donations, which the caller says will help the family of Shelby volunteer firefighter Mike Collins, of Minden, who was hit by a vehicle and killed Sunday night on Interstate 80, while assisting at the scene of an accident.

A telemarketing firm has been making phone calls to residents around the area, asking for donations to the “Mike Collins Fund.” When officials with the Shelby Fire and Rescue squad heard about the scam Wednesday, they issued an alert asking resident to hang up the phone if you receive such a call, and report it to the authorities.

The only legitimate fund for the family of Mike Collins is at the Shelby County State Bank, Shelby Branch. Officials say the bank will NOT call and ask for your donation. They will accept donations in person or by mail, at an address we provided you with earlier this week, here on KJAN. The address can be found in the story we posted about Collins’ death, at Click on “News” under the “Community Hub” tab, and look for the story on September 20th.