Presidential candidate phones in campaign speech


September 21st, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Iowa campaign tour of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul didn’t make it to Council Bluffs as planned Tuesday, but a crowd of about 200 people at Iowa Western Community College heard his message anyway. The Texas representative was forced to give his speech by telephone, because of mechanical problems on his plane. He spoke instead from a room at the Des Moines airport while waiting for another plane that would connect him with other cities on his schedule.

The Omaha World-Herald reports Paul stated the problems with his plane are nothing compared to what the country faces.  He said “The problems we face are overwhelming,” and that he is “Convinced we have gotten into this mess by not obeying the Constitution and not living within our means.” Paul added that “Too much government spending has created a debt that future generations will have to bear. There’s one way to ease that debt.”  He said he’s for “Cutting overseas spending. Getting the troops home isn’t that difficult.”

Military spending would be reduced with troops back on American soil, and they would spend their money here — not in some foreign country, according to Paul, who said Americans also would have that pleasant psychological feeling knowing the troops are safe from the dangers of foreign wars.  While other GOP candidates may have similar views, Ron Paul said, they don’t have the “conviction” that he has.