Meeting this afternoon to discuss filling Cass Co. Supervisor vacancy


September 8th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Committee tasked with deciding how to fill a vacancy on the Cass County Board of Supervisors created by the death of Supervisor Charles Kinen on September 3rd, will meet this afternoon at three o’clock. The meeting takes place in the Supervisor’s Boardroom in the Cass County courthouse. The precincts composing Cass County Supervisor District 2 are Atlantic Ward 2/Grove Twp 2 (the portion of Grove Twp NW of the Atlantic city limits) and Atlantic Ward 3.

According to the Code of Iowa, a vacancy position may be filled by an appointed committee of county officers, for the period until the next pending election, and within 40 days the vacancy is created. If a petition is filed with the county auditor requesting a special election to fill the vacancy within 14 days of publication of the appointment, the appointment is temporary and a special election will be called for.

If a special election is held to fill the office for the remaining balance of the un-expired term, the committee will have to give 30-days to the public. If a special election were held with the city election in November, the filing period would be the same as the city election.