CA man sentenced to more than 20-years in prison for Meth distribution


September 10th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The U-S Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Iowa said Friday, a California man was sentenced Thursday to nearly 22-years in prison for leading a conspiracy to distribute multiple kilograms of Methamphetamine in the Southern District of Iowa and elsewhere, for at least seven-years. 44-year old Elfego Ignacio Cid, of Visalia, CA, admitted he conspired to deliver of 15 kilo’s of meth to the Des Moines area from California.

According to testimony at his sentencing, Cid’s network actually delivered hundreds of kilo’s of meth and crystal meth, or “ice”, to Des Moines and four other cities, located in California, Colorado, Utah, and Georgia. Witnesses testified he provided his couriers with cars equipped with secret compartments used to deliver meth.

U-S Attorney Nick Klinefeldt said Cid’s 262 month prison sentence should quote — “Serve as a warning to those tempted to profit from the Methamphetamine addictions of others, that their cost of doing business will include years in prison should they head down that path.” He said also, that Cid’s conviction is due to years of hard work and perseverance by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.