Revote on LOST fails in Casey, passes in Stuart


August 3rd, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The turnout was very low for a special, Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) election held in Casey and Stuart, Tuesday. A petition to hold a re-vote in those two communities, on a renewal of the penny sales-tax, was presented to the Adair County Board of Supervisors in mid-May, following a County wide-vote held earlier that same month.

None of the 10 possible voters in Casey turned out for the election, and only 75 out 465 possible votes were cast in Stuart, where the measure passed by a vote of 55-to-20. The total voter turnout, including absentees, was just under 16-percent.

If voters in Stuart had failed to renew the tax, the city would have been out about $42,000 in annual revenue, while the City of Casey stood to lose just $650. In Casey, proceeds from the tax would have been directed toward the street repairs and improvements. In Stuart, the monies will be directed to the General Fund.

An extension of the seven-year Local Option tax will go into effect beginning January 2012, in Stuart, Adair, Bridgewater, Fontanelle, Orient, and Greenfield.