Crossover Allowed on I-29 at exit 32


July 27th, 2011 by admin

Motorists on Interstate 29 at exit 32 near Glenwood and Plattsmouth, Neb will now be allowed to make a legal crossover. The change goes into effect this morning.

The change will allow motorists to use the crossover to make a u-turn from one interstate ramp to another.

The purpose of the crossover is to provide relief to travelers detoured by flooding; especially residents of Nebraska and Iowa that are using the Missouri River crossing at Plattsmouth, Neb. on a daily basis due to the flood-related closure of Iowa 2 at Nebraska City.

The temporary crossover will shorten out-of-distance travel by approximately 15 miles for travelers going east on U.S. 34 from Plattsmouth, Neb., and planning to continue north on I-29 or east on U.S. 34.

This temporary detour crossover can be used legally by the public, unlike other median crossovers along the interstate that are restricted.

In addition, eastbound U.S. 34 travelers will drive south on the ramp and use the crossover to take the ramp north.