Missouri River flood outlook unchanged by breaches


June 15th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

HAMBURG, Iowa (AP) – The Missouri River levee breaches near Hamburg will likely create a brief dip in downstream water levels, but no significant change in the flood forecast is expected because massive amounts of water continue to flow down the river.

National Weather Service hydrologist Dave Pearson says Monday’s breaches in northwest Missouri will provide only a temporary decline in river levels. Once the pressure equalizes again after a breach the river rises again. That’s already showing up at the river gauge near Brownville, Neb, which is just downstream of the breaches.

Hamburg continues to await the arrival of the floodwaters spewing through a broken levee about 5 miles south of the Iowa town. Cities all along the river in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri are watching for any weaknesses in their flood protections.