Critical I-29/680 interchange in Iowa reopens to traffic


June 18th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

AMES, Iowa – June 17, 2011: 6 p.m. – The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) is
reporting the following sections of Interstate 29 and 680 have been reopened to
traffic as a result of flood mitigation efforts.

Highway segments reopened
· I-680 from milepost 21 (near Beebeetown) to I-29
· I-29 from milepost 71 (near Loveland) to mile post 75 (Missouri Valley)

A major, multiday effort between the Iowa DOT and Department of Corrections to place
sandbags and barrier wall along the highways, and use pumps to divert some of the
flood/ground waters, has allowed the interchange to reopen.

Both directions of traffic are being allowed through the area. This reestablishes a
critical link between north- and southbound I-29 traffic. 
The continued success and duration of this mitigation effort is entirely dependent
on the extent of rising flood and ground water levels. 

Closures in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area expected to remain in effect for a
considerable duration
· I-29 is closed from milepost 55 (25th Street in Council Bluffs) north to milepost
71 (near Loveland)
· I-680 is closed from the I-29/680 interchange (exit 61 near Crescent) in Iowa to
North 30th Street in Omaha (exit 13). This closure includes the Mormon 
Bridge across the Missouri River.

Updated I-29 detour route for Council Bluffs/Omaha area
· Detour starts at the I-29/680 interchange near Loveland, continues east on I-680,
then southwest on I-80 into Council Bluffs
· I-80 east- and westbound remains open through Council Bluffs/Omaha