Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce Announces New 12@12 Program


June 28th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

Officials with the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce say Chamber members will be visited this week by members of the Chamber’s staff and board of directors, to encourage members to “Get the Scoop” about the Chamber at a new program called 12@12.

Megan Roberts, Membership and Special Projects Coordinator for the Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce, says they invite all members of the Atlantic Chamber to come to the office at the historic Rock Island Depot, have a free lunch, and talk with Chamber staffers about what the Chamber does for its members, and what they’re working on.

The 12@12 sessions include a free lunch to 12 members at 12 noon, and multiple dates and times will be offered during the late summer and early fall. Several early morning breakfast options will be given to members as well.

The 12@12 lunches also provide time for the Chamber staff to listen to their members. Roberts says — quote — “We want to hear what their challenges are and what they need from us. We can prepare educational sessions, do research, and help our members find solutions, but often the first challenge we face is just finding the time to communicate with each other, and that’s what 12@12 is about.”

Local businesses will be given an invitation to sign up for the sessions along with an ice cream scoop, a small gift of appreciation from the organization. The staff and board members will start delivering scoops today and continue over the next two days.