Trojann Netters Beat Harlan


May 4th, 2011 by Jim Field

Atlantic 6, Harlan 3 (at Harlan)

#1 Chelsy Petersen (H) over Liz Metheny (A) 8-2
#2 Carly Heese (H) over Shelby Svoboda (A) 8-1
#3 Bailey McGrath (H) over Carli Thornton (A) 9-8 (7-3 tiebreak)
#4 Morgan Allen (A) over Emily Hundt (H) 8-3
#5 Sarah Schreiner (A) over Jill Haupts (H) 8-3
#6 Tierney Kamies (A) over Shenandoah Campbell (H) 8-3

#1 Metheny/Svoboda (A) over Petersen/Heese (H) 9-8 (7-5 tiebreak)
#2 Thornton/Allen (A) over McGrath/Haupts 8-3
#3 Schreiner/Kamies (A) over Hundt/Campbell (H) 8-3

Tori Dolch (A) over Madison Forsyth (H) 6-3
Lindsey Greer (H) over Leah Tjepkes (A) 6-2
Katie Duval (H) over Erika Lees (A) 6-4
Anastasia Mikels (H) over Hope Bowker (A) 7-6 (7-0 tiebreak)
Alissa Andersen (H) oveer Kaley Miller (A) 6-1
Kassy Simmons (A) over Makala Wooster (H) 6-2
Becka Rodgers (H) over Anne Chess (A) 6-1
Sasha Barber (A) over Lauren Laehle (H) 6-1
Alex Cole (A) over Taylor Fah (H) 6-3
Cammi Nelson (A) over Rhianna Chickering (H) 7-5

Forsyth/Greer (H) over Dolch/Tjepkes (A) 7-5
Duval/Mikels (H) over Lees/Bowker (A) 7-6 (9-7 tiebreak)
Cameo Mckinley/Wooster (H) over Miller/Lexi Allen (A) 6-4
Ally Jones/Andersen (H) over Kourtnie Beschorner/Anna Smith (A) 6-2
Rodgers/Laehle (H) over Cole/Nelson (A) 7-5
Cole/Nelson (A) over Sarah Clemons/Morganne Dooley (H) 6-3
Jordan Tupper/Simmons (A) over Fah/Wooster (H) 7-5
Chess/Barber (A) over Chickering/Fries (H) 6-4

Coach Shawn Petersen’s Comments —

This was a good bounce-back win for the girls — we suffered a tough loss last night at Shenandoah, and going on the road to Harlan is always difficult.  Petersen and Heese were too much for Liz and Shelby at the top two spots; Carli lost a tough one to McGrath at #3 — both girls played well enough to win; I was proud of Carli, though — she had to fight off several match points against her just to get to a tiebreak, but lost in the end.  Morgan continued her winning streak — she has yet to lose at #4 for us.  Sarah and Tierney were both down early in their matches before getting some things going offensively.  I was happy for those two, who lost tough ones last night at Shen.

In doubles, at #1 both teams seesawed back-and-forth throughout the match; it probably would’ve gone 5 if we had played 3 of 5 sets; Shelby served tough to force a tiebreak, and it was a well-played match by all 4 girls.  This was probably the best doubles Shelby has played, and it was a good time to bring it on.  Our #2 team may have played their best match of the year as well, and Tierney and Sarah got a good win at #3 — their second in a row.  This ends a difficult stretch for the girls, who have a few days where hopefully we can get some practice time in, which is much needed.  We conclude our regular season at home Monday against Denison, before competing at conference and at regionals.