Cass County BOS approves NW water & sewer extension


May 16th, 2011 by Ric Hanson

The Cass County Board of Supervisors today (Monday) approved the awarding of a contract for the Northwest Water and Sewer Extension project, and authorized full length of the project instead of a proposed, shorter version. Their unanimous decision followed discussion that included representatives from CADCO, the Atlantic Municipal Utilities and others.

Cass-Atlantic Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Russell Joyce said during the meeting, CADCO preferred to see the full project, which involves the laying of 3,200 feet of water main and sanitary sewer from Highway 83 to the Amaizing Energy Industrial area and along Glacier Road, underneath the railroad spur line, for economic development reasons.

He says water is important to one of their clients, for a sprinkler system. Another client is interested in constructing a building in the area, as well. Joyce says the Iowa Department of Economic Development won’t even recommend prospective clients to local development organizations until the site is “spade ready,” meaning sewer and water hookups are available.

CADCO Board Member and local developer Don Sonntag said the prospects for the area could each bring 12-to 15-jobs along with them, if they should decide to build there. He says he is prepared to request from the CADCO Board permission to construct a building in the area using CADCO funds if necessary, to spur economic development if the prospects don’t pan out as hoped. That he says, would help to bring in jobs and increase the tax base.

Joyce and AMU General Manager Alan Bonderman both indicated it would be more cost effective to do the entire project, because of the current interest rates and materials cost. Supervisors Chuck Rieken and Frank Waters said it makes sense to take the project on full-bore, for those same reasons, and others.

H&W Construction, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota was approved by the Board as the contractor for the $534,648 project, which will involve the laying of ductile iron pipe, instead of the less expensive P-V-C pipe. The board chose to go with ductile iron because of it’s proven longevity and ease in locating leaks, if any should occur over the course of time. The base bid for the project was $482, 141. A 5-percent contingency and engineering fee is included in the total price. The County will pay for the project, with AMU being the flow-through agency.