Atlantic City Administrator says Minimum Maintenance Code will be enforced


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic City Administrator John Lund Wednesday evening, received a blessing from the City Council, to crack down on property owners who violate the city’s Minimum Maintenance Code, this Spring. (Chapter 148 of the City Code, )

Lund said “The plan right now is begin issuing orders to correct violations, and people who are not doing that are going to get Municipal Infraction citations.” If the problem is still not corrected, or the citations are not paid, the City will move forward with the magistrate court’s intervention.

He said from this point forward, Code Enforcement Officer Kris Erickson will work with City Attorney Mark Bosworth to deal with the habitual offenders, those who have received prior notices and failed to rectify the situation.

He says “By the time the municipal infraction citation is issued, it becomes a judicial process. Not administrative, not political, and I’m not going to engage people that want to protest or make a scene or complain about the fact that they received a citation because they have a property violation.”

Lund said he’s been working with Erickson for three-years, and he’s not seen one instance where he’s questioned her judgement, or her compassion when it’s reasonable. He says “We need to take this seriously and for people that feel they are being treated unfair by the City, you will get your hearing before the Magistrate. If we are being unreasonable, the Magistrate will step-in and stop us. I am not going to encourage people to come [to City Hall] and protest if they’re in violation of City Code.

He recommended the Council take a similar position, “Otherwise people will try politics and influence to get around the fact that they own property they’re not maintaining and it’s an eyesore in this community. If we start carving out exceptions based on that, we’re going to end up with inconsistent enforcement, and it will compromise the whole purpose of why we’re even bothering with this.”

Attorney Mark Bosworth said the fines for failing to follow the Ordinance are $250 for the first offense, $500 the second offense, and $1,000 for repeat offenses. If fines are not paid, the City would pursue Judgements or liens on the property.

Taylor County Sheriff issues a warning about hotel coupon vendors


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, Wednesday evening, said on their social media page, that “Area authorities are on the lookout for a black male and female that are going around selling hotel coupons. They are driving a newer maroon Suburban or Yukon. A similar vehicle has been spotted near locations of recent residential burglaries.”

Possible suspects in Montgomery County Burglaries.

Officials say “If you see these individuals please do not approach them and contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.”

Third district candidate seeking new option to get her name on June Primary Ballot


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

The Democrat in Iowa’s third congressional district whose 11th-hour effort to qualify for June’s Primary ballot fell short has a new strategy. Theresa Greenfield of Des Moines is hoping the seven dozen Democrats who serve on their party’s third district governing committee vote Monday to place her name in nomination. Greenfield and her campaign team say their reading of state law indicates it’s a way to get her name printed on the ballot.

“I am confident that a sense of fairness, doing what’s right is important to Democratic leadership and we’ll get this resolved on Monday,” Greenfield says. Iowa’s attorney general has declined to issue a legal opinion on Greenfield’s strategy. And the secretary of state’s office has not indicated whether it would accept Greenfield’s nomination next week. So why is Greenfield in this predicament? Greenfield’s campaign submitted petition signatures last Wednesday to the Secretary of State — paperwork required to qualify for the primary.

The next day Greenfield’s campaign manager admitted he forged some of the signatures. He was fired. Greenfield withdrew the tainted petitions and last Friday, Greenfield’s campaign raced through the 16 counties in the third district to collect the nearly 18-hundred petition signatures she needed by the Friday evening deadline. Greenfield got help from the campaign of a rival as well as the campaigns of three Democratic candidates for governor, but the effort fell about 300 signatures short.

“It’s like an old barn-raising kind of an event,” Greenfield says. “Now, it didn’t turn out the way we wanted, but the effort was spectacular and it also speaks volumes to people’s desire to let me have a chance on the ballot.” Democratic leaders in the third district are pondering whether to even meet Monday. Taking the action Greenfield seeks without the attorney general’s legal opinion could lead to expensive lawsuits for the Democratic Party. Greenfield had raised the most money among the field of Democratic candidates in the third district and she’d been featured by a national magazine profiling female congressional candidates before hitting last week’s stumbling block.

“I was not going to allow forged signatures to stand with my name on it,” Greenfield says. “…The folks here in the third district just learned who Theresa Greenfield is and the kind of decisions I’ll make as a leader in Washington, D.C. and that is (this): ‘I will choose to do what’s right.'” Greenfield could choose to run as a write-in candidate, but Greenfield told Radio Iowa she is not ready to discuss that option. Three other Democratic candidates in the third congressional district DID meet last Friday’s paperwork deadline to submit their names for the June Primary ballot. They are Cindy Axne, Pete D’Alessandro and Eddie J. Mauro (MAR-oh). All three are from the Des Moines area.

(Radio Iowa)

Atlantic City Council pays tribute to Atlantic MS/HS Archery Team

News, Sports

March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

Atlantic Mayor Dave Jones and the Atlantic City Council, Wednesday evening, paid tribute to the Atlantic Middle School/High School Archery Team, for their efforts at State. Clint Roland, Archery Coach, said there are about 60 students from the Middle School and High School are enrolled in the Archery Program. About one-third of those students and some of their parents attended the Council meeting.

Some of the dozens of members of the Atlantic MS/HS Archery Team and Coach Roland, along w/City Council members.

Roland said 37 team members were sent to the State Tournament this year. The Tournament was comprised primarily of underclassmen and a handful of young seniors “So we’re not losing a lot, we’re gaining.” Roland said also the team “Has done tremendous things, they’ve done tremendous work with support from the school system, from the community and everybody around, and we’re a growing program. It keeps flying along.”

Roland said also, that the kids work hard for about six-months out of the year on their skills, and “It’s a long season, but they trudge forward.” He also thanked Atlantic Police Chief Dave Erickson for driving the school bus to their last tournament in southern Iowa during an ice storm, and keeping the students safe.

He said “It’s a great program, these kids do a great job. I’m proud to be a part of it.” Roland has been coaching the team for the past four-years. The team is also coached by Justin Williams and Dent Petty.

Ron Corbett’s paperwork challenged in Iowa governor’s race


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A Republican strategist has challenged the filing paperwork of the only GOP candidate seeking to run against Gov. Kim Reynolds in the upcoming primary. The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office says a formal challenge was filed Wednesday against Republican Ron Corbett’s paperwork to be on the June 5 primary ballot.

Corbett submitted petition signatures last week. Craig Robinson, a former political director for the Republican Party of Iowa, claims Corbett’s campaign turned in duplicate signatures that put the former Cedar Rapids mayor below the required signature threshold.

A review board that includes the secretary of state will meet as early as next week to discuss evidence and issue a decision. A Corbett aide says the campaign is confident it has enough signatures. Reynolds formally launched her gubernatorial campaign this month. Six Democrats and two libertarians are also running for governor.

Father of starved girl pleads guilty to 3 assault counts


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The father of a 16-year-old girl who was tortured and starved to death is pleading guilty to three counts of assault while participating in a felony causing a serious injury. The Des Moines Register reports that 47-year-old Joseph Finn II appeared in court Wednesday to plead to the charges, which each carry up to 10 years in prison. Finn will seek to have the sentences on the three counts served all at once when he’s sentenced on May 4.

Finn’s ex-wife, Nicole Finn, is serving three life sentences for the October 2016 death of Natalie Finn. Officials have said the emaciated girl weighed just 81 pounds when she died.

Joseph Finn did not live in the West Des Moines home where his adopted daughter died, but prosecutors say he boarded up the windows in the house after Nicole complained Natalie and other adopted children were escaping and begging neighbors for food.

Waterloo man arrested in string of robberies, sex assaults


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Police in northeastern Iowa have arrested and charged a man suspected in a string of convenience store robberies in Waterloo during which at least two clerks were sexually assaulted. The Courier reports 25-year-old Jamar Ronod Wise was arrested Tuesday as he entered a Waterloo convenience store wearing all black with his face covered. That’s the attire victims of four other robberies in Waterloo described the suspect as wearing.

Police say Wise is suspected in a Feb. 10 robbery in which the clerk was fondled, punched several times in the face when she resisted and sexually assaulted. Wise is also suspected of attacking another clerk in a Feb. 27 robbery. Police say Wise also carried out robberies on Jan. 29 and Jan. 31. Wise is being held on $1.8 million bond.

Family upset with ex-Missouri trooper’s community service


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

VERSAILLES, Mo. (AP) — The family of an Iowa man who drowned to death while handcuffed is upset that the former Missouri state trooper was allowed to do community service by helping with a live theater production after being convicted in the case. Anthony Piercy pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor boat violation in the 2014 death of Brandon Ellingson, who fell into the Lake of the Ozarks while in Piercy’s custody. Piercy was sentenced in September to 50 hours of community service and 10 days in jail.

The judge didn’t specify where community service had to be completed, so Piercy was given credit for working a play at the Royal Theatre in Versailles, Missouri. He has worked in community theater before, the Kansas City Star reported. “I thought it was a joke,” said Craig Ellingson, the father of the 20-year-old who drowned. “He (Piercy) had been in plays before, that was his hobby. That would be like me working at my company for community service. .. Basically, it was a picnic for him.”

Piercy’s hours were signed off by Cindy Davenport, the executive director of the Royal Arts Council Inc. She said Piercy assisted with the production and performances of the play. Helping out with a community play isn’t what community service should look like, said William Camm Seay, the special prosecutor who initially charged Piercy in December 2015.

Piercy pulled over Brandon Ellingson of Clive, Iowa, on the water for suspicion of boating while intoxicated in May 2014. He was taking Ellingson for a breath test when the Arizona State University student fell into the water. Piercy had put the wrong style of life jacket on the handcuffed man, causing the safety device to come off when he went into the water. The trooper was fired after Ellingson’s death. A lawsuit filed by Piercy looking to get his job back is ongoing.

Iowa State’s marijuana shirt ban case costs school $1 mln


March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa State University’s unconstitutional crackdown on a pro-marijuana student group’s T-shirts will cost state taxpayers nearly $1 million in damages and legal fees.

Court documents indicate a judge approved $598,208 in attorney fees and costs on Wednesday. That amount is in addition to payments the state agreed to in January to settle the case including $75,000 each to Paul Gerlich and Erin Furleigh, the students who filed the lawsuit in 2014 and $193,000 to their lawyers for federal court appeals.

The $940,000 total doesn’t include work by the Iowa Attorney General’s office, which represented ISU administrators. The costs stem from a politically-motivated attempt by university administrators in 2012 to block T-shirt designs that featured the ISU mascot and a marijuana leaf. Judges found ISU administrators violated the students’ free-speech rights.

Atlantic to Conduct Weekly Tests of Outdoor Warning Sirens

News, Weather

March 21st, 2018 by Ric Hanson

Cass County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Kennon reports the City of Atlantic will begin weekly testing of outdoor warning sirens this Friday (March 23rd), at noon. Sirens serve to alert residents to take shelter indoors and seek more information. While the outdoor warning system can be an effective method of notifying those that are outdoors, to seek shelter indoors, it is only one part of a comprehensive emergency warning system.

To receive emergency information during severe weather or other hazardous event you should get a NOAA weather radio, sign up for local emergency notifications, and tune in to local media reports, from radio, television or social media.

Kennon says “We are going to discontinue an “all-clear” siren for Atlantic. So now, if you hear an outdoor siren, you will know that it is a warning. If a siren sounds multiple times, additional warnings have been issued or additional hazards have emerged.”

To report a faulty siren please call 254-1500 or email In your message please include location of the siren and a description of the issues you believe are occurring. A reminder also, next week (March 26-30) is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Iowa. The Statewide Tornado Drill will be held 10-a.m. Wednesday, March 28th.

To register for the Cass County Emergency Notification System, go to links located on the Cass County homepage ( or the Cass County EMA Facebook page ( If you need assistance, please contact Mike Kennon, Cass County Emergency Management Agency Coordinator at 712-243-1500.